Salt Cay, Turks & Caicos

As some of you know, Shelly surprised me with a trip to Salt Cay, Turks & Caicos for my birthday. We dived with Salt Cay Divers and stayed at Castaway - Salt Cay in an amazing room. We were hosted and taken care of by Porter's Island Thyme.

It was a really relaxing trip. It started out with being stuck in Charlottesville NC for an extra hour being de-iced so we knew we would miss out flight to Salt Cay. Of course, at this time I still didn't know exactly where we were going. When we arrived in Providenciales Turks, and got through customs, we went to find out what time we could fly to Salt Cay in the am. To our surprise, they called to us as we walked up and they were going to put us on a flight in a couple minutes. Even the pilot later told us how lucky we where. Yea!

When we go to board, it is a 10 seater plane and there was only 5 of us on it. I was asked to sit in the copilot seat - very cool! 30 minutes later we arrived in Grand Turk to drop off the other 3 passengers and then the 5 minute flight to Salt Cay. When we arrived we were greated by Haidee and a golf cart to take us to the "hotel" where another surprise awaited. We were upgraded to an amazing beach house at Castaway's right off an azul sea on a basically private and secluded beach. It is an amazing room and I didn't know how bad I needed this until I got here!

We decided not to write about the entire trip like we normally do. Shelly might add a little more, but basically we got up early, did 2 dives, had lunch, read, took a nap, had a snack, took a shower, had a beer, got dinner, went to bed and repeated each day. There are only about 60 "belongers" on the island; a dozen or so expats that spend various amounts of time there; two and a half restaurants; and one dive shop on the island, so it was very quiet and everyone was very friendly.

Thank you Shelly! I love you!

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